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Meet Your Public Adjuster

Rami Boaziz is the Senior Public Adjuster of Stellar Adjusting. Before becoming a public adjuster, Rami Boaziz was an attorney. Rami has been an attorney in Florida for over 10 years. After he graduated law school and became a member of the Florida Bar in 2005, he went to John Marshall Law School for a Masters of Law in Real Estate Law in 2006. Rami is also a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Mediator, and WIND Certified Appraiser.

Rami Boaziz


"I had a great experience with Stellar Public Adjusting Service. The service I received was A+. They always kept me informed with all the updates and they always returned my calls within 24 hours. Rami was very professional and great to deal with. I highly recommend this company."

"My total experience rates Stellar with a A rating. They were an way above average services company with the client having the greatest priority. Bertha A. and Rami B. brought the customer to new heights as far as getting the most and timely results from the Insurance Company, who originally declined our claim. I would highly refer them to anyone in this situation."

"I worked with Rami on 2 separate claims for my home. Visits were timely and efficient and so was all communication. They addressed my concerns, explained the process, and set realistic expectations. Both times I was so happy with the results."




Why public adjusting?

In 2008 the real estate market crashed, and it wasn't easy for Rami to find work as a real estate attorney. He wanted to try something different while also applying his legal expertise. Rami only became an adjuster 10 years ago, but he wanted to help those faced with long term hurricane related insurance claims.

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