by Rami Boaziz

Looking to help college students and graduates understand the realities of working as an insurance claims adjuster.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Growing up, did you always want to be an insurance adjuster?

That is a funny question. I don’t think any kid gets up in front of their classroom as a child saying “I want to be an insurance adjuster.” The typical answers are usually a doctor, fireman, lawyer, astronaut, police officer, etc. Insurance adjuster, that would be a first. As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I did pursue that and become a lawyer licensed in Florida in 2005.

2. If you went to college, what did you study and why? 

I obtained my undergraduate degree at the University of Miami. Go Canes! After undergraduate, I attended Nova Southeastern University to obtain my Juris Doctorate degree. I continued my education at John Marshall Law School and obtained my LLM Degree in 2006.

3. What made you eventually choose to become an insurance adjuster/investigator? 

It was merely a fluke, to be honest. The real estate market had crashed so there was not much work as a Real Estate Attorney. I had just gotten married and wanted to try something different so someone recommended that I look into adjusting.

4. What are some day-to-day operations/tasks you do in your job? 

That is one of the things I really like about this job. Every day is different so there really is no typical day. Some days I am in the office but most days I am in the field doing inspections of properties that sustained damage and meeting with adjusters, engineers, appraisers and umpires working together to try and settle claims.

5. Are internships necessary to be hired in the field? 

I am not aware of any internships, but in Florida there is somewhat of an Apprenticeship program before you can get a full Public Adjuster license.

6. What are you future professional aspirations?

To keep growing and becoming better every day at what I do by educating myself and working together with my peers to make the industry better overall.

7. What's the best thing about being a claims adjuster or working in the insurance industry?

I would say the best thing is being able to help our clients deal with a very difficult, complicated and time consuming situation and hopefully coming out of the process with our clients having the ability to get their home, business or community back to the way it was before the loss ever occurred.

8. What's one trend currently evolving in the insurance field? 

There are so many trends taking place in the industry and keeping the public aware of the changes and trends taking place within insurance policies is probably the biggest trend.

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